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I know this season may be challenging and overwhelming for many of us, our organization and for our members, financially, professional, emotionally and personally. I am very optimistic about our future, as we move forward to make a difference for women and girls all around the WORLD, AND in our own community; because of YOUR DEDICATION, love and Zonta Spirit.

Because of your willingness to serve; your unwavering commitment to Zonta mission and values,

I salute each of you and APPRECIATE YOUR heroic posture. Remember, we are standing on the Shoulders of giant’s; those who have come before us, not only as Zontians but as African Americans.

I pledge to serve YOU, this OFFICE, WITH dignity, respect, compassion, dedication, kindness and most importantly side by side with each of you. The road ahead of us will require creativity, resourcefulness, dedication, Flexibility, respect and love. Zontians, We got this!!

Again, thank you for your support; AND FOR ELECTING ME AS your PRESIDENT. “LET’S Do This”

With best regards,

Nicole Barnes

President 2022-2024

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