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Zonta International responds to discrimination

As an advocate for women’s rights that are, in fact, human rights, Zonta is committed to treating everyone with equal respect and can not tolerate discrimination.

No person should be disadvantaged, let alone be a victim of violence, because of her/his gender, skin color, ethnicity or any other reason. Instead, everyone should have the same opportunities to develop their full potential.

We acknowledge that, in order to overcome discrimination of any kind, we need to sharpen our awareness for unconscious biases that affect our individual actions and advocate for laws and policies that ensure equal rights and opportunities for all people.

The diversity of our global organization is a strength we will build on every day on the path to gender equality.

Our 28,000+ members from 63 countries join with others to make this world a better place for all. 



PANEL: The Pandemic's Affect on Women's Health, Work and Relationship with Others

TICKETS: $15.00

“Transitions, Changes and New Opportunities"

10:00 WELCOME: District 3 Governor Pat Latona

10:10 PANEL: Women’s Relationship with Work, Health, and People during a Pandemic”. Presentation and Q&A

11:10 UPDATE : Zonta Int'l Service Projects (ZIFW) Lisa Fraser-Kimbrough, District 3 Foundation Ambassador

11:30 BREAK & CHAT: Registrants can take a break. Upon return will have been automatically placed in their chosen Breakout Session with time to chat with other members.


  • Promoting Zonta through local partners

  • Executing Zonta advocacy

  • Zonta Scholarships: What they are & How can we support them

12:45 REGROUP - One registrant from each breakout shares ideas and discussion

12:55 CLOSING REMARKS District 3 Governor Pat Latona

Women's March on Washington

On January 21, 2017, the women of Zonta Club of Mid-Maryland supported the Women's March movement. Here is an excerpt from one of our Zontians that attended the Women's March in Washington DC, Jennifer Jones, advocacy continuum. Yes it is time to act!

We MUST organize, prioritize and execute strategies in EVERY HIGH SCHOOL, BOARDROOM and CHURCH to enrich, build up and support our community! Hurting ready to heal, healed ready to transform and transformed elevated! We can do it!!!! We must build up existing organizations that tutor and mentor and expand or create new ones to build our capacity and provide education for our children to give them a chance. We must elect representatives who support "we the people" and run for office to serve the public! We are fortunate in Prince George's and Maryland to have some GREAT leaders who truly engage us! We must empower economic sustainability through financial literacy and education, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and business ownership to employ our community and create opportunities on every level! We must celebrate the arts, the creative and the talented who don't fit traditional or standard norms but who have the capacity to add music, beauty, meaning and expression to our lives! We must "put our own oxygen mask first" so that we are able to give our best to serve, work and lead missions greater than ourselves for our communities of interest! And, as we grow, evolve and transform to a "greater expression of ourselves"....we serve those who have not traveled our journey! And finally, we must exercise our faith!!!! And as we SHOW UP, STEP UP and STAND UP for our interests, we STEP UP, STAND UP and SHOW UP for each other and bless our communities! As Chereace Richards would say, "It's Go Time!" Cheryl Wood would say, "Play Time IS Over!" And, Nakia Wright would agree it is time to hear "A Woman's Voice!" and Renee Allen would co-sign "BAM, Boom, Well alright!"

If you have EVER wondered what the Call to Action in your personal, professional or civic life felt like....if today's pictures of Women's Marches moved you as we saw PURPOSE, PASSION and EMPOWERMENT spill over into the streets in over 600 locations in these United States of America and 50 countries all over the world, the seas of women and men witnessed on Saturday, January 21st....that movement, feeling, wanting to get up and do something MORE was your call!!!

You are serve, to be the change you want to see, to do what you can in your corner of the world to make a difference!

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