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ZONTA International Mentoring Program

Zonta Internation is establishing a Mentoring Program for new members for each chapter. This is coordiated with committees and board members for each chapter throughout the United States.

The purpose of a mentoring program – Mentoring will help the new member to make the transition from being “newly installed” to being a vital part of the group. Mentoring is a learning partnership between an experienced club member (the mentor) and a newly inducted club member (the mentee) for the purpose of sharing knowledge and information about our great organization. More importantly, it strengthens your club. In order for an organization to thrive, it must have a process for regenerating itself from within itself. Mentoring is one process for doing just that.

Global COVID-19 Pandemic Impact On Girls and Women

Women experience more job losses, food insecurity and abuse.

  • Women are more likely to be employed in the service and informal sectors with higher personal contact and therefore increased probability of infection.

  • In terms of going hungry, 41 percent of women said that hunger is one of their biggest challenges during the crisis, compared with 30 per cent of men.

  • Women are also nearly three times more likely (27 per cent) to report mental health impacts from Covid-19 than men (10 per cent).

ZONTA International Foundation

Zonta International Foundation is a program that supports funding for international projects. This includes educational scholarships such as : Jane M. Klausmen Scholarship, Amelia Earhart Fellowship, Young Women in Public Affairs Scholarship and Women in Technology Scholarship. 

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