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Women In Technology Scholarship

The world economy, industry and sciences are becoming increasingly digitized, and these developments are disrupting society and familiar social processes. Women, however, are still largely underrepresented in technology fields. To create a world in which men and women have equal opportunities, women need to have an active role in technology and technological developments. Zonta International is pleased to offer its new Zonta International Women in Technology Scholarship to encourage women to pursue education, career opportunities and leadership roles in technology.


Women pursuing a technology degree or closely related program, who demonstrate outstanding potential in the field, are eligible to apply.

Women not enrolled in a university are also eligible as long as they submit:

• Evidence of completed trainings and outstanding performance.

• Description of current job with information about path that led to that job.

• Employer confirmation and recommendation or client testimonial supported by evidence.

• Reason for applying and description of desired career.

• Evidence of educational project plan (e.g. proof of course opportunities).

Golden Z club members may apply.

Classified members (club members and individuals with direct membership with Zonta International) and employees of Zonta International and Zonta International Foundation, and their family members (ancestors, descendants, adoptees, siblings, nieces or cousins, and those of their spouse or co-habiting partner), are not eligible to apply.

Scholarship Amount

For the launch of this pilot program, the Zonta International Foundation will award up to US$112,000 in scholarships: 32 district/region scholarships of US$2,000 each and six international scholarships of US$8,000 each.

The Women in Technology Scholarship is a pilot program made possible through generous donations to the Zonta International Foundation.

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